My Profile

not that you asked for it
but i'm sure you want to know

drawing, collecting and writing my own stories of anime
video games and paperdolls?

jobs i've held
not much to brag about but:
i spent two summers working at Dairy Queen as a cashier/ runner
don't be a runner it's horrible i had to ring up the orders, take the money, run around to get all the orders together(b/c no one was running for me. then if no one volunteered i was volunteered to clean up the dining area(swip, mop, wipe of tables, etc..).
This last summer i worked at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. An easy job. standing around under the hot sun selling Dip n Dots (icecream) i can't say how much i made but it was a good deal. Especially when compared to getting minimum wage for running around all day.

Currently,I'm a student at ECC(Elizabethtown Community College) also not something people brag about.
Good thing is this semester they offered a Japanese Course. But i being a bit more ambicious took Japanese and Spanish. My major is computer science speciallizing in programming.

A list of my current pages:
Men of An rine
Chugar's Anime Special-do you see a pattern?
Anime lyrics page
Chugar's Fanfiction- more like Sailor Moon Fanfiction but not so big a title with three versions to choose from and the last being a hyper-realty sense. basically, the last one doesn't involve The Sailor Moon characters except in reference to the cartoon show.

sites i'd like to make into pages for you:
My anime Gallery
an even bigger men of an rine starring white cross/weiss kruez and spike from cowboy bebop,
a ps game link and frogger tip page
though there is a sailor moon gallery in the anime gallery it leads to another, more sophisticated sm gallery
my poems, characters, drawings and stories pages.(this involves a lot of mb)

oh you want to know my age, height and stuff like that

i don't even know my own height no point in guessing
age turning 22 in November (not too far off) this is Carla Alexander signing off saying you don't know me just because read this.