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age: very old but looks very young

date of birth:jan 1, 900 a.d. (there is not a digit missing)


not in school but never had any trouble with any subject.

likes do most everything

can't choose favorite food likes them all as long as she can make them herself

ambition is not to be queen of the earth but world advisor and priestess of love

top 3 quotes:

people say i'm a hyper freak b/c i can say any freaky thing that comes in my mind in an accent or
dramatized but i say i'm on a permanent SUGAR RUSH^-^

"go ... on... talk to her. i gotta go get something from the car"

stop calling me that i just want to be world advisor

she has nothing she s for it would bring out the beast within (pic)but she doesn't like that

she can't lie ever.

powers: unlimited

if she can think it, it will happen

if she say wanted to make a living thing break down into it's smallest pieces and put it back together

something she would only do to prove herself and not kill it.

Power list:

desintigration and bead


in tuxedo's past, she...

in the return of pearl moon,she...

other new scouts to be introduced (will fill in details in stories first):

sailor orbit

powers: pulse nebula(very powerful attack range) and pulsar orbit

double attack w/ sailor pearl: orbitting pearl splitter(cut's like a knife)

sailor pom pom

powers: spiral pompom heat wave(weak like rini's)(inspired from ranma 1/2 outta control)

guardian cat to pompom tabit

sailor symbols to comep

Sailor Pearl Theme song:(song to Sailor moon theme)
running running running to tomorrow

walking walking walking from yesterday

a future i know will occur

for i will have you

my sight is clear

20/20 my dear

my love is yours

and yours in this endless life

ch. (you know the line with their names or something

each day we get closer

you won't get away, no sir

for you are mine

it's destined to withstand time

i won't fuss and whine

and if you wanted i'd suck a lime





Act I

chugar transforms countess gown into black tight suit and spins as a white stripe goes around her. her hair falls out of the braids and balls and into waves that are shoulder length. Music starts playing"she's got the power"
she transforms into other various powerful characters:
First into Cutey Honey
then into Priestess of Fire:Shayla Shayla or Shera Shera
She splits into three and one becomes Priestess of Wind: Afura Man and the other becomes Priestes of Water: Mizu Mishtal
Afura Man becomes a small tornado and Mizu becomes a Water and they incircle shayla Shayla as she becomes fire.
When all subsides they have become Ultimate Weapon: Ifurita or Ifreet
she proceeds to change from one scout to another ending in tuxedo Mask suit.^0^(this excludes the unknown Sailor Saturn)
The songs ends and "the boy is mine" sung by Monica and Brandy starts. she disappears from stage and Tenchi Stumbles out just in time to be mauled by Ryoko. Ayeka then stomps on stage and they start to sing the song. As the s sing and grab at tenchi, Ryo-oki,in human form as teen,comes out and joins in. Nearing end of song Ayeka transforms into Chugar who is mauled by Cabbits.
when the cabbits disappear they reveal that Chugar has become Pretty magical Sammy
using her wand to become Sailor Sammy Moon.
when the song ends Ayeka and Ryoki and fighting as tenchi walks off stage with Sailor Sammy Moon(much older than Sasami).Everyone on stage disapears, leaving chugar who ballets her sisters into view from behind her in mandarin dresses.
Here is their end pose

Possible beginnings and endings for series

to Sting's "Desert Rose"

The rain falls down upon the desert as a wet,red scarf tosses about upon the ground.

The rain stops and scarf instantly dries and is lifted up.
The scarf floats into the sky swurves in front of camera
when scarf floats away Rose is revealed in a red leather dress
her hair and dress blowing in the wind
pan out reveals that she's in the desert.
roses seem to grow and bloom instantly all around her.
switch to dragon mde of fire gliding over the roses, leaving them unscortched
switch to rose whose turns around
the dragon now coming at her is represented by the camera coming toward her swiftly
switch to side of rose as dragon hits a barrier around her to reassemble as though it passed through her
shots switching from rose dancing through the flowers to her walking through them as leather slides over them
she lifts up into the sky feet falling behind her as she leans forward.
then rose flies over the camera when the back of dress completely passes over camer all you see is a scarf dancing in the sky over the desert
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